An Index Festival Commission, launching during Artwalk Wakefield

26th July 2019

Propelling Her Shiny Vehicle

Katrina Cowling

31 July – 29 September 2019

Unit 102, Cathedral Walk

Katrina Cowling is an artist based in Bradford, Yorkshire. Her work explores materiality and space, including the relationship between the natural world and late capitalism. Her installations are precarious and atmospheric and speak of alienation, dislocation, ritual and place.

‘Propelling Her Shiny Vehicle’ is an investigative exhibition of the inner workings of modern life, the speed of cars and mass production. The space explores a collision, a crash between a retro and futuristic landscape; a delicate sculptural landscape littered with relic-like objects.

Making Space

Helen Hamilton

22 July – 4 August 2019

This two-week open studio and evolving exhibition take the process of creating art outside of a studio environment and into the public realm. Helen Hamilton’s practice is predominantly sculptural, often using found objects alongside made pieces. Her work explores ideas around animacy, the relationship between subject and object, and the role of objects within our mental and physical lives.

The Working Garden

Tom Verity and Melanie Wheeler

31 July – 26 September 2019

The Working Garden is a new collaboration between sculptor Tom Verity and artist Melanie Wheeler.

The commission takes the form of a working greenhouse, with the aesthetic of Gothic Architecture. Inside will be a display of research conducted by the artists around working classes historical relationship with the garden, including audio recordings, archive images, diagrams and plants.

The design of the greenhouse will provide an enticing home for the project, drawing visitors inside.

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